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    Why should I play indoors?

Play at your own Pace

At Dr. Greens Indoor Golf, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the group in front of you or staying ahead of the group behind you. You play at the speed most comfortable for you.

Great for all Abilities

Indoor Golf is a very easy introduction to golf for beginners by providing an intimidation free atmosphere in the comforts of your own simulator. At the same time, with just a few modifications to the settings, it still provides all the same challenges of a high end golf course to the single digit handicap looking for a challenge.

54 Courses at Your Fingertips

You can tee it up at some of the most famous courses worldwide from the comforts of Ashland, MA. You can play the historic Old Course at St. Andrews or play the scenic Par 3, 7th hole at Pebble Beach all in the same visit. Our 54+ courses span the globe from North Carolina to Korea.

Game Improvement Potential

Do you really have any idea how far you hit that 5 iron after a bucket of balls at the range? After every shot you hit in our simulators, you’ll get instant data points including distance, club head speed, launch angle, and swing path.

Timing a Round

No more wondering about how long a round of golf will take when you leave the house. At Dr. Greens the average foursome should be able to finish a round of 18 in half the time you spend outdoors.


Every season is now golf season. It’s always sunny and 70 degrees at Dr. Greens. Whether there’s a blizzard in the forecast or threat of heatstroke outside, the weather’s always right indoors.

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