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    The Technology

The PGA TOUR® SIMULATOR is the product of more than 20 years of dedicated research and development. Its unmatched accuracy, living 3D graphics and proprietary Immersive Play Technology™ make it a truly unique indoor golf experience.

Powered by 3Trak®, aboutGolf®’s three-dimensional, high-speed photography, the PGA TOUR® Simulator gives you definitive data. Throughout the full range of shots, only the PGA TOUR® Simulator can precisely measure and display true ball-flight.

Within the simulator’s living 3D graphic environment, digital artistry and complex physics algorithms seamlessly blend to create an unrivaled indoor golf experience that closely mirrors a round played outdoors. Immersive Play Technology™ means all-around detail, right down to individual blades of grass. Our simulator’s graphics enable trees, grass, and flags to blow in the wind, for clouds to change shape and move by, for birds to fly overhead, and for waves to roll onto shore. Our simulators make indoor golf almost like being on the links, with guaranteed perfect weather.

Feature-rich with course play, Driving range with analytical tools and online tour competition, the PGA TOUR® Simulator is a great place to lower your handicap or enjoy more of the game you love.

And just wait till you see our Curve Screens!!!